Program – HISRECO 2022 (University of Lausanne)

Local organizers: François Allisson & Harro Maas (University of Lausanne)

Permanent organizers: Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche (University of Bologna), Pedro Duarte (INSPER, São Paulo) & Yann Giraud (CY Cergy Paris Université)

Venue : Château de Dorigny

Friday, October 28

9:15-9:30         Welcome and introduction to the conference:François Allisson and Harro Maas (University of Lausanne)

9:30-10:30       Quantifying the Tax Burden: Richard A. Musgrave and the Necessity of Calculations: Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay and Marianne Johnson (Goldsmith University and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh)

10:30-11:00    Coffee break

11:00-12:00    Contested Values: Economic Expertise in the Comparable Worth Controversy, USA, 1979-1989: Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche (University of Bologna)

12:00-13:00     Infrastructural Calculations: Guillaume Yon (London School of Economics)

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:00-15:00     Historical and methodological aspects of the development of the concept of Beliefs: Yam Mayaan (The Eitan Berglas School of Economics)

15:00-16:00     Dependency theorists put to the test: The ambivalent relationship of Samir Amin and Andre Gunder Frank to institutional data (1967-1971): Adèle Gaillard (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

16:00-16:30    Coffee break

16:30-17:30     Return to the Original Controversies in the History of National Accounting: A Contrast between John Maynard Keynes and Richard Nicholas Stone:Conrado Krivochein (Fluminense Federal University)

17:30-18:00     General Discussion (introduced by Steve Medema, Duke University)

20:00               Conference Dinner

Saturday, October 29

9:00-10:00       A Study of Economization: The Performative History of Emissions Trading: P.W. Zuidhof (University of Amsterdam)

10:00-10:30    Coffee break

10:30-11:30     Smoke from Factory Chimneys: The Applied Economics of Air Pollution in the Progressive Era: Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State University)

11:30-12:30     Exploring the First Argentine National Income Estimate: Cecilia T. Lanata-Briones (University of Warwick)

12:30-13:30    Lunch

13:30-14:30     Learning From the Machine: A Topic Modelling and Network Analysis of the CJE: Thiago Oliveira (University of Turin)

14:30-15:00    Closing discussion (introduced by Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche, Cambridge University)