IEA CergyThe conference itself will take place in the auditorium of the Maison Internationale de la Recherche (MIR), home of the Institute of Advanced Studies. Beware: the MIR is not located in the same building as the economics department of the University of Cergy. It is in Neuville, a small town near Cergy, which is also reachable by the RER A.

If you come from Paris, the directions are explained here. It takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour from the center of Paris (the “Châtelet-Les-Halles” station). You need to take RER A in the direction of “Cergy-Le-Haut”. There is one train every ten minutes on Friday and one train every twenty minutes on Saturday. Also, please bear in mind that the price range for the RER is different from that of the Paris metro. You need to get a special ticket that goes to the “Neuville-Université” station (it’s in Zone 5).

If you come from the Mercure Hotel in Cergy, just take the RER A at “Cergy-Préfecture” and it’s just one station from there, at “Neuville-Université”.

Dinner on Friday evening will take place at L’Atelier, a brasserie/restaurant located opposite to the ESSEC business school. It is near the “Cergy-Le-Haut” station. We will provide Neuville to Cergy tickets for the participants on the first day of the conference so that you do not have to worry about buying a ticket to go from the conference to the restaurant. Also, people who stay at the Mercure will have time to pass by their hotel and leave their possessions there before the dinner. It’s just a twelve-minute walk from the hotel to the conference.

Last but not least, those who stay at the Mercure and travel from the Charles De Gaulle Aiport may be interested in the fact that there is a direct bus that goes from CDG to  the “Cergy-Préfecture” station. It’s called the 9518, it just costs the price of a single bus ticket (much cheaper than the RER) and it’s less of a hassle than traveling through Paris using the RER B then A. More info here (unfortunately only in French, so that it’s a well-kept secret!).