Selected Papers

Acosta, Juan & Cherrier, Béatrice Macroeconometric modeling at the Board of Governors in the 1960s Un. Lille
Bieri, David The Methodenstreit over Space: Economic Geography and its Uneasy Relationship with the History of Modern Spatial Economics Virginia Tech
Clerc, Pierrick & Monnet, Eric Central banks’ thinking at test: the unexpected fate of the “Availability Doctrine” Banque de France
Costa, Ana Dissemination of economic ideas and the making of the world IUL, Portugal
Ehrenfreund, Max A Pudding for Maynard: Economists and the Problem of Induction on the Eve of World War Harvard (Hist. Science)
Fajardo, Margarita The International Monetary Fund of the Left?: CEPAL, 1944-1973 Sarah Lawrence College
Hitzig, Zoë Economist as Craftsman in the FCC’s Incentive Auction Harvard (Econ)
McAdam, Mark Why Liberalization Trumped Protectionism: Ideas, Agency, and Political Entrepreneurs in Kennedy’s Foreign Economic Policy Private Universität Witten/Herdecke
Medema, Steven Identifying a ‘Chicago School’ of Economics: On the Origins, Diffusion, and Evolving Meanings of a Famous Brand Name Un. Colorado-Denver
Özveren, Eyüp & Dildar, Yasemin An Unconventional Economist at ‘Multiple’ Crossroads in PostWar Turkey: Sadun Aren (1922-2008) Middle East Techn Un. (Turkey) & Cal. State Un