The conference starts on Thursday evening at 6 PM (March, 19), for a guest event on recent Soviet economics at Pôle Sud, in the city center. There will be a drink with something to eat after that.

The conference itself on Friday and Saturday (March, 20-21) will take place on the campus of the University of Lausanne, in the Château de Dorigny. There, we will have our presentations and coffee-breaks.

Lunches during the conferences will also take place on the campus, but in different buildings (each in a walking distance) : in the Geopolis cafeteria on Friday, and at the Restaurant de Dorigny on Saturday.

On Friday night at 7 PM, we will have our gala diner in the city center, at the typical local restaurant Le Vaudois.

Pôle Sud

The evening guest event on Soviet economics takes place at Pôle Sud, (a sociocultural centre of the union of unions of the Canton de Vaud), in the second floor, room Bering. It is 10 meters by foot from the metro station Lausanne-Flon. It is situated on the avenue Jean-Jacques Mercier 3 in Lausanne.

Château de Dorigny

The conference itself will take place in the reception room of the Château de Dorigny, on the campus of the University of Lausanne. It can be reached from the city center by metro. From the station Lausanne-Flon, take the line M1 until UNIL-Chamberonne (10 minutes).

From there, walk five minutes until you see the Château.

Do not forget to ask to your hotel a free transportation card for your whole stay. The latter is valid up to the university.

Geopolis cafeteria

This is the place for the lunch on Friday. A 10 minutes walk from the Château de Dorigny to the Geopolis Building. The cafeteria is on the ground floor.

Restaurant de Dorigny

This is the place for the lunch on Saturday. A five minutes walk from the Château de Dorigny to the Unithèque Building (locally called the Banane), where the Restaurant de Dorigny – Da Nino is located.

Restaurant Le Vaudois

This is the place for the Gala diner on Friday evening. It is located on Place de la Riponne 1, in Lausanne. It is incidentally next to the hôtel Crystal (2 minutes walk).