2011 (Duke University)

Old Banner29-30 April 2011
Duke University, North Carolina.

Local organizers: Tiago Mata and the Center for the History of Political Economy

Joy Rohde – “Statecraft by Proxy: The Privatization of Social Research for National Security.”

Judy Klein – “Mathematical Programming for the Cold War or How I Learned to Stop Worrying Love Satisficing.”

Andrej Svorencik – “Twenty Five Years of Economics Science Association.”

Daniel T. Rodgers – “The Intellectuals’ Search for Power in an Age of Fracture, 1975-2000.”

Alain Marciano and Steven Medema – “The Problem of Social Cost” and the “Coase Theorem”: Their Early Reception at the University of Chicago.

James Forder – “Milton Friedman on the Institutional Causes of Inflation”

Pedro Teixeira – “Conquering or Mapping? Textbooks and the Dissemination of Human Capital Theory in Applied Economics.”

Rob van Horn – “Aaron Director and the Labour Education Movement.”
Discussant: Philippe Fontaine