2014 (University of Siena)

May 23-24, 2014
University of Siena, Italy

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Local organizer: Carlo Zappia

Tim Shenk (Columbia University), “Maurice Dobb and the Political Economy of Socialism

Catherine Herfeld (Ludwig Maximilians University, München) “Has There Been a Normative Turn in Early Post War Economics? The Case of Jacob Marschak and the Cowles Commission, 1944-1952

Ivan Moscati (University of Insubria), “The Rise of the Representational View of Measurement in Psychology and Utility Theory in the 1940s and 1950s

Michele Alacevich (Columbia University and Diplomatische Akademie Wien), “The Making of a Development Economist: Paul Rosenstein-Rodan and the Birth of Development Economics

Antonella Rancan (University of Molise), “The McCarthyism Campaign in Economics Departments

Yann Giraud (University of Cergy-Pontoise), “The Uses of the Past in Mainstream Economics: a Bibliographical Account, 1991-2011