2020 (University of Lausanne – Canceled)

The 13th HISRECO conference should have taken place at the Pareto-Walras center of the University of Lausanne from March 19 to 20, 2020. It was canceled due to the epidemic situation. We would like to warmly thank the local organizers, François Allison and Harro Maas, as well as the participants. This would have been the program for that event.

Day 1Thursday 19 March 2020
Location: Pôle Sud, room Bering
Guest sessionBook Launch Event on Postwar Soviet Economics
18.00–20:00Ivan Boldyrev: Presentation of the book “Economic Knowledge in Socialism” (HOPE supplement, 2019)
Olessia Kirtchik: Engineering the Soviet Economy: From Automatic Control to Governance in Complex Systems
20:00Welcome Cocktail
Day 2Friday 20 March 2020
Location: Château de Dorigny
09.30–10.00François Allisson, Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche, Pedro Duarte, Yann Giraud and Harro Maas: Welcome and introduction to the conference
Session 1Development in Context
10.00–10.45Alain Marciano: How Buchanan’s concern for the South shaped his first academic works
10.45–11.15Coffee break
11.15–12.00Nicolás Dvoskin: Social policy agencies in Latin America. Theoretical discussions and political constraints (1950-1980)
12.00–14.00Lunch at the Geopolis cafeteria
Session 2Public Opinion and Governance
14.00–14.45Max Nagel: The rise of macro-finance: A socio-historical analysis of monetary and financial governance in Argentina and Chile
14.45–15.30Tom Kayzel: Planning and the Rationalisation of Public Opinion: From Discussions to Decisions
15.30-16.00Coffee break
Session 3Toolkits
16.00–16.45Andrej Svorenčik: The First-Price Auction Controversy
16.45–17.30Ludvig Goldschmidt Pederson: Seeing the Future through the Pork on your Plate – how economists came to politics
19.00Gala Diner at the Restaurant Le Vaudois
Day 3Saturday 21 March 2020
Location: Château de Dorigny
Session 4Microfounded Macroeconomics
09.15–10.00Romain Plassard: The incorporation of agent-based models into the Bank of England’s toolkit
10.00–10.45Chung-Tang Cheng: Richard Stone’s Cambridge Crew of Econometricians and the Diffusion of Post-war Microeconometrics
10.45–11.15Coffee break
11.15–12.00Tanguy Le Fur: Edward Prescott and the labor supply elasticity: from business cycle fluctuations to aggregation theories
12.00–14.00Lunch at the Restaurant de Dorigny – Da Nino
Session 5Mainstream and Heterodoxy
14.00–14.45Michel De Vroey: Mainstream Economics. Its Rise and Evolution.
14.45–15.30Alexandre Chirat: Insights on Postwar Economics from JK Galbraith’s project: Postwar Pluralism as a means toward heterodoxy (1952-1973)
15.30–16.00Conclusion and general discussion